Scenes of Walden Pond

Walden Pond is located about two miles southeast of Concord. It is a small lake formed by a glacial kettle. A trail of a little more than a mile in length circumscribes the Pond. The site of Thoreau’s cabin is approximately 100 yards from the shore of Thoreau’s Cove. Adjacent to the cabin site is a cairn of rocks brought to the site by pilgrims. A replica of the cabin and its furnishings can be found in the Walden Pond parking lot.

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 Photos by Barry M. Andrews

Scenes of Concord

The town of Concord is located approximately 20 miles east of Boston. It was the scene of two revolutions in America, the Revolutionary War and the American Renaissance in literature and culture. Emerson, Thoreau and Alcott valued Concord both for its proximity to Boston and Cambridge and the beauty of its natural setting, evident even today.

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 Photos by Barry M. Andrews